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World Languages Adoption Toolkit 2023



World Languages Adoption Toolkit 2023


On behalf of the California County Superintendents, we are pleased to introduce the 2023 World Languages Adoption Toolkit developed by the World Languages Subcommittee of the Curricular Improvement and Support Committee (CISC). The World Languages Adoption Toolkit offers a clear, research and data-driven process for reviewing world languages instructional materials to help district personnel make informed and objective recommendations to local Boards of Education to best meet student needs.

The California County Superintendents is an organization consisting of the county superintendents of schools from the 58 California counties working in partnership with the California Department of Education. Our vision for California is high-quality education where all children thrive, and all communities prosper. We do this by promoting, influencing, and advocating for an educational system that supports all students. Nearly six million students walk into urban, suburban, and rural California classrooms each day, and they represent an unrivaled diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and races. As members of the California County Superintendents, it is our charge to provide oversight, resources, advocacy, and guidance in service of districts and students in our respective counties.

The Curricular Improvement and Support Committee is a subcommittee of California County Superintendents and consists of county office assistant superintendents focusing
on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning.

The California County Superintendents (CCS) are pleased to provide this World Language Adoption Toolkit, which serves as guidance and as a comprehensive and purposeful process for instructional materials adoption, grounded in research, data-driven decision-making, and aligned with current regulations and requirements.

Gayle Garbolino-Mojica
President, California County Superintendents 2023-2024
Placer County Superintendent of Schools

Ellen Barger
CISC Chair 2023-2024
Associate Superintendent
Curriculum and Instruction
Santa Barbara County Education Office

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