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The California County Superintendents provides the organizational mechanism for the 58 County Superintendents of Schools to design and implement statewide programs to identify and promote quality cost-effective educational practices and services, and provide support to school districts in the areas of student services, curriculum and instructional services, fiscal accountability and business services, personnel services, and technology and telecommunications.

The California County Superintendents, with its membership of county superintendents of education is:

  •  courageous in advocating for all children
  •  committed to innovation and excellence
  •  collaborative in pursuit of an equitable and effective public education system.

Our Vision:
California, a state with high-quality education where all children thrive, and all communities prosper.

Our Mission: 
To promote, influence, and advocate for an educational system that supports all students.

California County Superintendents’ Goals:

  • Collaborate to influence public systems that impact children. Focus on advocacy. Advocate for transformative efforts to ensure an integrated system of public education that supports all children, youth, families, schools, and communities.
  • Cultivate student success. Focus on students. Promote policies and seek resources that put the needs of students first.
  • Connect California’s 58 county superintendents. Focus on the members. Support county superintendents as they work to improve outcomes for all children and as they champion educators and schools.

Our Partners