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California County Superintendents President Gayle Garbolino-Mojica Statement on Assessment Data Release



Contact: Kindra Britt
October 19, 2023


California County Superintendents President Gayle Garbolino-Mojica Statement on Assessment Data Release


“As the 2022-23 data reports, California has made strides in addressing chronic absenteeism and academic outcomes, yet there remains a need for further efforts to meet our students – especially our lowest performing students – where they are and help them develop to the fullest. This data provides a snapshot of our students’ learning and one of many metrics we use to measure student success. Additional data will continue to inform how schools and communities can best support their students’ academic achievement while focused on their social emotional well-being.

Chronic absenteeism in school is not just about numbers; it’s about supporting our students and ensuring their success. And, this data helps us better understand how we as county offices can support local districts in service to our students, both in academic performance and in keeping our kids in school.

Thanks to the recent efforts of our governor and our legislature, the time is now to meet our students where they are and help them reach their fullest potentials. County offices are deeply committed in building the capacity of their local educational agencies to ensure they have the tools needed to address their students’ diverse needs and readiness levels, so we can serve all students equitably.”

Nearly six million students walk into California classrooms each day. They are urban, suburban, rural and represent an unrivaled diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and races. The California County Superintendents provides the organizational mechanism for the 58 County Superintendents of Schools to design and implement statewide programs to identify and promote quality cost-effective educational practices and services, and provide support to school districts in the areas of student services, curriculum and instructional services, fiscal accountability and business services, personnel services, and technology and telecommunications.

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