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A Leaders’ Guide to Standards Implementation Playbook


The Leaders’ Guide to Standards Implementation Playbook: Connecting Standards Implementation, LCAP, and District Support

Playbooks have traditionally been used in sports to outline plans and provide detailed strategies, or plays, for team members to use during a game. Today, many organizations create Playbooks to clarify cultural values and expectations, and describe key workflow processes and operating procedures in order to align approaches and effective responses to situations as they arise.

The Leaders’ Guide to Standards Implementation Playbook resource can facilitate instructional leaders’ thoughtful engagement with stakeholders to gain evidence-driven insights about the state of the school and/or district’s instructional system. They can note perceived strengths and challenges, investigate overcoming contextual barriers, and identify next-step actions. These actions inform the institution’s continuous progress and planning processes, which can construct a description of the implementation status of State Priority 2, and identify meaningful SPSA and/or LCAP standards implementation goals and actions.

This resource examines standards implementation through three lenses; culture, structure (systems) and instruction. Users respond to guiding questions and compare responses to fitness statements that describe the characteristics of robust standards-driven implementation for each lens. Process and pedagogical tools are linked to each lens to support a more complete understanding of the local standards implementation.

COEs can use this Playbook to initiate dialogue with school and district leaders who are self-assessing teaching and learning efforts, examining local implementation of State Priority 2, or collaborating through Differentiated Assistance.

This Playbook can assist County Office of Education experts in their work with districts and schools to improve the implementation of standards-based instructional programs. It culls information from CCSESA resources, the California Department of Education, and other education-focused reports and publications to simplify the process and assist leaders to quickly identify gaps and actionable responses.

Detailed information is included in tools and references cited for each area.

You may also download the playbook as a zip folder to your desktop.

The Leaders’ Guide to Standards Implementation Playbook: Connecting Standards Implementation, LCAP, and District Support was developed by the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) and made possible through the generous support of the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation. The Santa Clara County Office of Education guided the work on this project and gratefully acknowledges the comments and contributions from focus group participants, reviewers, CISC guidance and CCSESA leadership.

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